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    What is Skype, Discord and Teamspeak.

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    There are multiple softwares like skype, discord, teamspeak these are the most popular softwares at the moment that let you talk or have video chats with other people who have the software Skype for example uses the internet to let people chat online without using a phone but using internet.

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      Skype is a software that allows you to talk to people across the world without using a phone, land line or radio.

      It is easy to use and free! It is very useful for video chat and messaging friends. It can be downloaded online from any web service and is safe and does not cost a penny! It can be downloaded HERE!

      All you have to do is click on get skype then download!Image result for Skype website

      Once set up your account to find your friends click on the search bar located on the left hand side of the skype interface and enter in the're full name or username.

      Image result for Skype add contacts

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        Discord is a software that has the same things that Skype has although it is more gaming sided and used for people chatting whilst playing games instead of just video chatting which is still possible but is not as used.

        Discord also has separate servers where multiple people can join one call at once and discuss topics or talk about them. Which Skype has but does not have as much extension as Discord. 

        It looks a little bit like this! Image result for Discord

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          Teamspeak is a software that is al ot like discord but it does not have a video chatting software like discord and is very out dated compared to discord it also is mostly only used by gamers and is not for just talking to friends or family. It is also not as friendly with its interface and looks a little like this.Image result for "teamspeak"