Combating Digital Exclusion
Children educate digitally illiterate adults in safe and creative web


Learning by teaching: promoting digital inclusion of adults by high school students

The Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per il Veneto is one of the partner organizations of the Erasmus + “EduWeb – Combating Digital Exclusion: Children educate digitally illiterate adults in safe and creative web” project promoted and managed by the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Western Greece (PDEDE).

The proposed project aims to change the traditional way of educating students regarding safe and creative Internet use. Students from passive Internet users, become trainers for adults supporting this way the national aim to combat digital exclusion.

The EduWeb project has many innovative aspects and will bring several teaching novelties to teachers, students and adults training for combating the citizens digital exclusion and improve their existing e-skills.

In order to disseminate and promote achieved results and with a view to project conclusion by the end of September 2018, USRV organized the final multiplier event.

The eventLearning by teaching: promoting digital inclusion of adults by high school students” took place on September, 21 2018 at the high school “F. Algarotti” in Venice. Teachers and students of the high schools located in Veneto, representatives of the partner organizations and a delegation of students from Cyprus participated at the conference.

The initiative has enabled project partners to present the final project results by highlighting the benefits of the experience on students and adults’ personal and professional life. Furthermore during the event the representatives of USRV awarded the winning students of the EduWeb competitions among Veneto high schools aiming at promoting project activities and pushing students to be active educators for adults.

The event obtained a good success and the feedback from participants was very positive.

An awareness package for combatting fraud amongst the elderly using Eduweb

This project explores the gap in knowledge amongst the elderly and technology. For the majority of elderly people’s lives technology did not exist and many have not adapted to the newly connected world, leaving them digitally illiterate. Current technology is evolving rapidly in a way that many day to day activities are becoming solely online signifying that getting online is crucial. However, although elderly people are starting to successfully use the internet, they do not have any knowledge of the dangers associated. Elderly people are classed as a vulnerable demographic and therefore exposing them to the dangers of being online increases their vulnerability. There are few pedagogies available for the education of elderly peoples online safety, and those that are available do not get utilised. This paper is examining the current solutions for this problem area and proposing a new pedagogy in which young, educated individuals teach the elderly about their online safety.

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Implementation of EduWeb for school year 2017-2018

In the framework of the European project EduWeb ("Combating Digital Exclusion: Children educate digitally illiterate adults in safe and creative web"), a meeting was held on 31st of October 2017, between schools intending to implement EduWeb approach, during the school year 2017-2018.

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